Prevent Influenza, Protect Your Heart

Act Of Love Did you know you could end up with a heart attack or stroke when you get the flu? Most of us associate influenza, also known as the flu, with respiratory complications such as pneumonia. Recent studies have cautioned that influenza increases the risk of heart attack by more than 10 times in […]

A Blessed Umrah With Your Influenza-Free Family

Act Of Love Ensure you and your family are protected from influenza for a blessed and safe Umrah The end of the year is a highly anticipated time for many Muslims in Malaysia who eagerly look forward to perform the Umrah. This is particularly exciting for those who will be doing it for the first […]

How Seniors Can Prevent Influenza

Act Of Love GET VACCINATED EACH YEAR. Recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO), the flu vaccine protects you against A and B influenza virus strains.10 Learn more about the importance of flu prevention in older persons:

Why Seniors Should Get Vaccinated Each Year

Act Of Love If you are older, a severe case of flu could take your independence away. An annual influenza shot is the best way to reduce an elderly person’s risk of severe influenza and its potentially serious consequences. Influenza vaccination can: Learn more about the importance of influenza prevention in older persons:

How You Can Prevent Your Child From Catching Influenza

How You Can Prevent Your Child From Catching the Flu

Act Of Love Keep your child away from infected people10 Wash your child’s hands often10 Teach your child to refrain from touching their eyes, nose and mouth10 Vaccinate your child against the flu every year11 Learn more about flu prevention for children:

Influenza Is More Serious Than You Think

Act Of Love The Flu Is More Serious Than You Think Before the COVID-19 pandemic, annual flu epidemics are estimated to result in about: Catching the flu could also lead to life-threatening complications like: While the flu is deadliest among children, older adults, pregnant women, and people with weakened immune systems, no one is protected […]